Worship/Music Ministry

The Worship/Music Ministry consists of members and friends of the church, with the choral music director and church organist automatically members of this ministry. This ministry supervises and expands, when needed, the music program for the congregation. The ministry also assists the Pastor with special events, changes and approaches to the worship services, and addresses concerns and interests of the congregation regarding the worship service.

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Missions & Memorials

Open to all members and friends, this committee uses the blessings of our congregation to help people in our community, the nation, and the world. M&M leads collections for Will County’s “Undy Sunday” and the Frankfort Township Food Pantry. Members work with Mokena Marley Frankfort Fish to supply food and Christmas gifts for area families. Contributions are made to overseas ministries. M&M responds to crisis such as damage caused by recent floods and tornadoes with collections throughout the year, “Bang the Bucket” being a favorite!

M&M also provides support to members and friends closer to home. Those unable to attend church are recognized at Christmas and Easter through small gifts and visits. College students and military personnel receive Valentine’s Boxes full of treats. As needs arise, M&M provides support and love.

Bible Studies

The Bible is our foundational document, so much that Christians have been called “the people of the book”.  The Bible is our “Basic Instruction Before Leaving Earth.”  At. St. Peter’s we believe in the still-speaking God, that “God has yet more light and truth to reveal to us from God’s Word.”  We have a series of short term Bible studies throughout the year, each focusing on a particular question.  This gives each person the flexibility to work Bible study into their other schedule. 

The New Revised Standard Version (NRSV) first appeared in 1989, and has received wide acclaim and broad support from academics and church leaders as the Bible for all Christians.


The Facilities ministry oversees and directs all aspects of the gorgeous buildings and grounds of St. Peter’s. This includes our amazing 100+ year old church building, our educational wings, the parsonage and the grounds on which they sit. We ensure that they are kept in good condition and available to all organizations and ministries. This includes a planned program of maintenance and upkeep of all church properties. We also oversee the managing of larger projects that are critical to the continued structural integrity of our church. The facilities ministry is always looking for new members (those with skills in the trades as well as laborers/helpers) as many hands make for light work.